Listen and Watch

Student built instruments

Enjoy below a selection of audio and video files of student built guitars. 

Audio files

Matt Semmens – Tango and Sky
Mike McCarthy – OPEN D Picking
Matt Semmens – Imagine
Peta Evans Taylor

This is Peta Evans-Taylor playing the guitar she made a few years ago at the Australian Guitar Making School.

Cary Lewincamp with a 7 string classical guitar he made at our Lake Macquarie School

James and his Cello built by his father

Josh playing a classical guitar built by student Bernard

Matt Semmems with a classical guitar made by student Roslyn

Leo Larratt with his Gypsy Jazz Guitar

This is Jazz Guitars virtuoso Leo Larratt playing his Gypsy Jazz Guitar he made at our school.

“Was a fantastic experience I was proud to be one of Strato’s first groups of students at his school when he opened. Guitar has been loved ever since.” 

Bradley Lowe