Student Comments

Peta Evans-Tay

Peta Evans-Taylor

“I’ve always been intrigued (being a singer/songwriter/muso) as to what a makes a guitar tick. So I was very excited to be accepted into Strato’s college.” 

“I had no previous knowledge of wood or wood tools. I was surprised at how easy Strato made it look and no matter what mistakes I made, Strato’s extensive knowledge allowed me to fix it.”

“I’m proud to say I have finished one steel string which sounds way better than any of the guitars I have bought from the music shop, and am now on my second which is a nylon classical.”

“Doing these classes is a great challenge, you forever learn new things, it’s a great stress release, you can work at your own pace, and best of all you get your very own self-handmade guitar at the end.”

Alan Davidson

“Although I have a day job, I have always wanted to be a guitarist. I’ve been trying for over 30 years. All this time I’ve wanted something better to play than the guitars I could find and afford.” 

“All that has changed! I now have the guitar I always wanted – and I made it myself!! – with help and instruction from the craftsman Strato.”

“I’m now on my 4th guitar, and I’ll be surprised if I ever stop.” 

“I was recently sitting in a large music store in Brisbane, surrounded by top end guitars from all the best known factories in Australia and the USA. I started playing, and when my thumb hit the base strings I wondered ‘where’s the base response?’. I soon realised that the guitars I have played and heard which have been made at the AGMS are truly high performance guitars.” 

“If you want to make a truly good guitar I can only recommend you talk to Strato. He will guide you down the path of building a guitar that satisfies your aesthetic wishes combined with a great balanced sound and playability that suits you.” 

Alan Davidson
Cary Davidson

Cary Lewincamp

“I have been waiting for over 40 years to actually construct my own guitar. What a wonderful experience it has been to spend that time at the Australian Guitar Making School with Strato and to come home with a guitar that exceeded my expectations!” 

“There are many aspects to the whole experience……”

“There’s the superb teaching and patient guidance in which Strato extracts the very best out of you.” 

“There’s the camaraderie of sharing this experience with your fellow makers who come from all walks of life and bring to the classes their stories of why they are making a guitar. Some for themselves, some for their children or partner, but all exuding an expectant enthusiasm to complete their project.”

“And for myself……..”

“To have a break from the rigors of everyday life and to completely immerse myself in choosing timbers and then designing, planing, sanding, shaping, gluing and polishing these raw bits of wood into an instrument that I”ll bring proudly to the concert stage will remain one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences in my life.” 

“I’ve already had two offers from people who would like to buy the guitar.” 

“My reply has been ….” 

“Do yourself a favour, give Strato a ring and go and make your own.” 

“There is nothing more rewarding for a player to construct their own instrument!!!”

“Thank you Strato” 

Best wishes 

Cary Lewincamp ( Solo 7 string Guitarist/Composer ) 


Tony Rumble

Building guitars at the AGMS is one of the great joys in my life – the camaraderie with fellow students and our instructor, coupled with the amazing satisfaction of building beautiful musical instruments, is truly amazing.

Quality control is set at very high levels such that the finished instrument is a true work of art, sounding and looking better than anything available in a music store. The method of instruction and the hands on guidance provided by students really does mean that even novices can achieve these high levels of quality.

Highly recommended